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Sculptural intervention at ST. SAVIOURS CHURCH, PIMLICO.

Radiators, Yoga mats, acrylic paint,  London, 2020.

St Saviours church is enveloped by intricate and elegant motifs that transport us away from reality.  In a space designed to elevate the mundane, radiators are perhaps an uncomfortable reminder of our trivial lives and mortal needs. Urging an encounter these skeletal structures are charged with formal potential. Objects are like energy fields, they have laws, desires and neglected properties. 

Choosing to infiltrate two of these rigid armatures with flexible foam mats, I have formed a curved and repetitive language that hopes to interact with the surrounding architecture. Tension filled, each component embraces it’s allocated space like a clinging cerement, enabling me to highlight and animate these objects.


(Detail) back view.

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